Engel's Enigma is a puzzle app for the Apple® iPad, iPhone®, and iPod touch® mobile digital devices, available now from the App Store℠.

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Engel's Enigma is a circle puzzle that was invented by Douglas A. Engel and first popularized in A. K. Dewdney's “Computer Recreations” column in the October 1985 issue of Scientific American magazine. In terms of difficulty, the puzzle lies somewhere between the 15 Puzzle and the cube puzzle of Ernő Rubik. Like those two puzzles, the goal of Engel's Enigma is to first scramble the puzzle and then return it to its initially well-ordered state.

The Engel's Enigma app provides an intuitive interface to the puzzle. Simply place your finger on either the upper or lower dial and spin. When you are finished, the pieces will either slowly spin or snap into place. Buttons are provided to automatically mix or reset the puzzle.

In addition to the “Challenging” version of Engel's Enigma displayed to the left, players can choose from two other variations of lesser difficulty. See the screenshots or video below. Other options include music, sound, and “target” dots to guide you.

Engel's Enigma


This is the “Easy” puzzle.

This is the “Medium” difficulty puzzle.

Here you can change the settings for the puzzle.

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All screenshots are from the iPad version; iPhone/iPod touch screens are comparable.

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